Gifted and Talented Creative Camps

Gifted & Talented campers will always enjoy the intellectual program that our educators follow. We will always work on providing activities that will add additional value to our campers!

What kind of activities? WELL! Abacus classes, Robotics classes, Computer science, Calligraphy, and A LOT MORE!

What are the outcomes of these activities? Campers will learn different values such as teamwork, patience, and cooperation.

And what we really care about is serving all these activities with enjoyment!

Gifted & Talented Camps through the year:

Gifted & Talented offers several camps during the academic year. It's great opportunity for our children to practice all our activities in a comfortable and fun environment where they can develop their intellectual potential.
Gifted & Talented summer camps will always provide a magical place along with a safe environment where girls and boys can make new friends, discover new passions, and learn to be independent. Summer camp is held each year from July till August, Gifted & Talented welcomes around 350 kids each year!