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Improve Day By Day


Educational Assessment and Student Support Clinic consists of recognized experts who serve children, adolescents and their families through IQ tests and assessments.
Experts use specialized tests to study the cognitive development of children and adolescents from the age of 5 years up to 16 years old.

Children usually enjoy being tested because it gives them an opportunity to stretch their minds and tackle difficult problems. They delight having the full attention of an experienced examiner who takes pleasure in each success. Our child-focused atmosphere encourages your youngsters to freely express their talents and what potentials they hold. Our examiners excel at gently probing for further information when a child says, "I don’t know.” They are skilled in developing rapport with shy children and keeping active children engaged. Children often say they are sorry when the testing is over and ask when they can come back and see us.

What we offer:

The first clinic appointment would actually be an evaluation of the child's needs and parents will be involved in the education procedure.'By the end of this evaluation period, the clinician will be able to offer you an initial impression of your child's needs, along with recommendations for remediation, or a plan for treatment.
Evaluations are designed to provide benefits such as an accurate description of client cognitive, intellectual and psychological strengths-weaknesses, treatment planning, school and vocational planning.